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Easy Healthy Muffins

Healthy and Easy Muffin Recipe

Easy Healthy Muffins that even your toddler will love!

Calling all parents of picky eaters!! Anyone else have one in their home? I was definitely one of those parents who swore they would never have a picky eater.. that is, until I had kids! It turns out, food is a pretty big deal, and not all kiddos are a fan of all textures, tastes and dishes served. (And just when you think you have it figured out, they decide they want nothing to do with it tomorrow!) Have you seen the Picky Eater’s Club? If not, it’s priceless! One of

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3 {easy} DIY forts using household items

3 awesome DIY forts

Our girls love to play pretend! We love to build and encourage their imaginations, so we put together some fun DIY forts and popped a bowl of our favorite Pop Secret Popcorn {a Realistic Mama sponsor} and went to work! We made this our popcorn and fort building movie night and giving us a whole day of family fun!

First things are first, Adults see below:

Second Order of Business: Popcorn! Fort building takes lots of energy!

We like to add a few Chocolate Candies to balance sweet and salty, plus a “Pop” of color!

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Introducing New Foods to Picky Eaters

Helping a picky eater

Have picky eaters on your hands? I remember a few years ago, before I had kids, swearing I would raise the best eaters. Now with a daughter not even 2, I’m already eating my words — sometimes even the best of us parents struggle with our kids not wanting to eat something. Which is why I was thrilled when Orlene said she would guest post for us and share some tips for our picky eaters!

Helping Picky Eaters

Do you wish it was easier to get your children to try new foods? To eat a healthy diet full exciting

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Teaching Kids Kindness

Love this giving game for teaching kindness

I’m super jazzed to be coming together with Toddler Approved and Coffee Cups and Crayons on a series for Random Acts of Kindness! What a brilliant thing to blog about to add more happiness to the world and teach our kids an important skill while their young – selflessness!

I’ve been brainstorming all day trying to think of a unique, out-of-the box idea for showing kindness but then I realized somewhere along the line I forgot what this whole thing was about. It’s not to impress others, it’s to bless them and usually the things that make the biggest

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Family Movie Night: AWAY & BACK

Family Movie Night: AWAY & BACK

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hallmark Hall of Fame for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

It’s time for a family movie night!

I’m a huge Hallmark Hall of Fame fan, there’s something about a good, clean family movie that just makes for the perfect night. That’s why I’m excited to share with you about the premiere of AWAY & BACK this Sunday! Gather the family, pop some popcorn and snuggle up together while you watch.

Watch the Trailer:

AWAY & BACK starring Jason Lee and Minka

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Best Booklist: Newborn to Preschool

Best Book List

Looking for a good book to read with your kids? We are sharing our favorite booklist just for that reason!

There is something special about reading to {and with!} your kids — picking up an actual book and flipping pages together. Especially in this digital age, there are so many neat ways to engage our kids, but sitting down and taking the time to read to them builds so much more than a love for books. Being able to bond, learn, imagine and touch a tangible book will take your mind places your body will never get to go.

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20 Ways to Treat Yourself

Treat yourself with one of these 20 ideas

Treat yourself? Is that still a thing? Being a mom is no easy job and sometimes we as mom’s forget that we can treat ourselves. Lots of things can cause “Mommy Meltdown” from the dishes piling up, to the toddler that doesn’t sleep, the teenager that knows it all, the stress of the house and bills, and extra spouse pressure. But sometimes to get out of the funk, we need a fun way to encourage ourselves to keep going, even though buying a one way ticket to Mexico might sounds like the best idea.

If you’re a part of our

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