I love getting recommendations from friends - that way I end up with less but better items and often end up saving a lot of money. Here's a list of my favorite mom essentials, products that I love - I hope they bless you too! This list does contain affiliate links, please read my disclosure for more info.


This is my favorite way to travel with kids! 

Instead of booking a hotel next time you travel, check out an AIRBNB home. They are usually just as affordable as hotels (or less!) and you get a whole house with bedrooms and a full kitchen!

Use this link and get a $40 travel credit towards your first stay!

This is an amazing deal on a car seat canopy for your tiny human (also makes a great gift). 

Go here and use code MAMA4 to get a free car seat canopy (Regular price: $50). 

And here's a post I wrote with more freebies like this. 

If you shop a lot on Amazon, this is a great to save shippng costs and get your items faster (free 2-day shipping on millions of items). 

Get a 30-day free trial here. 


I love my Ninja and use it almost every day to make...

  • Smoothies 
  • Homemade Salsa
  • Almond Milk (for Smoothies)
  • And More 

I got mine at Target when they were running a special. Or you can order it on Amazon.

While this is a bit of an upfront investment, it's actually cheaper per gallon than a Brita filter (we won't have to replace our filter for 5+ years) and filters water soooo much better! The Berkey is about $.06 -$.08 per gallon while Brita is about $.25 per gallon.

Our Berkey fits 3 gallons of water and we just use a large pitcher to fill the top when it's almost out. 

Learn more here.

I'll continue to update this page with new favorites as I discover (or remember) them. 


Snag my very first book for a ton of amazing date ideas! Keep adventure, connection and laughter in your marriage!

Read more here.

This is a must read!

There are five love languages (Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Gifts, Acts of Service, and Physical Touch), read and take the assessment to find out your top love languages (and have your hubby take it too).

A #1 New York Times Best Sellers for 8 years running and a best seller on amazon. 

Read more here.

I'll continue to update this page with new favorites as I discover (or remember) them. 


This is my free step-by-step tutorial. No tech knowledge required. 

Click here to check it out.

Bluehost is where I started this blog and also where I recommend all my family, friends and readers start theirs. 

They are reliable, have great customer service and a low price.

You can start a blog on Bluehost for as little as $2.95 a month (that price is a special discounted price through our link). And you also get a free domain ($15 value) when you purchase 12 months of hosting at once.

Get started here.

Genesis framework and themes are what we use here on The Realistic Mama. They are very clean themes which is better for SEO (search engine optimization) which helps bring more search traffic to your blog in the years ahead.

FoodPro is one of their best selling themes (and it's what I use).

An e-mail list is so important to a successful blog, because unlike social media you actually control your list. 

While I started with Mad Mimi. I know I use and love ConvertKit, which has helped take my blogging business to the next level.

Picmonkey is my favorite place to edit blog photos - it's really easy to add text overlays and make Pinterest friendly images. 

Get started for free here.

Successful Startup is my flagship blogging course!

If you're ready to establish the right foundation (and beyond!) for a successful and profitable blog you'll want to check out the course. 

Learn more here.