Looking for date ideas? Here are 175 fun ones...


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175 amazing date ideas to experience together...

"My husband and I love this book! We are always on the hunt for creative things to do together and this lovely little treasure provided us with 175 creative ideas!! I would recommend it to anyone!"

- Hali Hemingway

"I'm a wedding photographer and I love giving this book to my new brides!"

- Brooke Stevens-Patrick www.brooke-photography.com

"After four years of marriage (and two kids) we had forgotten how to date... 175 Best Date Ideas has given us tons of great (and inexpensive) ideas and that "spark" that we had when we first got married!"

- Jackie Houston 

Alida Quittschreiber is a buiness owner (founder of The Realistic Mama), Jesus lover, mom and wife. She married her highschool sweetheart, traveled the world with him, had 2 kids and then wrote this book because dating should never stop.

175 Best Date Ideas came about from her fierce love for her husband and wanting to challenge others to the same adventure, laughter and connection.

"At the end of the day, regardless if you buy the book, just make sure you take time for each other. Talk lots, ask each other questions, don't stop laughing and bring fun back into your marriage."


The paperback version has a bonus "SmashBook" section in the back - great for writing love notes, creating bucket lists and saving photos, movie stubs, etc.

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