175 BEST DATE IDEAS: the ultimate bucket list of dates for couples

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Make your next date night awesome! 

Do you struggle with coming up with ideas for date night? End up doing the same thing every time you go out? Did you wind up talking about the kids, again?

I can totally relate! I adore my man and love evenings out with him but it can be exhausting to think up new and exciting things to do. Dinner and a movie are great but sometimes it's nice to do something new and spark that fun-loving side we all have!

Today is the best day to start fresh, commit to a weekly date night, and stick with it this time. All your previous date nights created a foundation but now it's time to take it the next level! 

You Will:

Have instant access to unlimted date ideas – techincailly there's 175, but it will feel like an unlimited supply!

Make unforgetable memories – don't settle for an average relationship, take your relationship to the next level, date by date.

Have options – all the dates are categorized as either "Go Out" or "Stay In" so you can choose depending on your mood & circumstances.

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“The problem my husband and I had after four years of marriage (and two kids) was... we had forgotten how to date. Nights out were very few and far between and a night in meant the usual movie night which was getting old pretty fast. 175 Best Date Ideas has given us tons of great (and inexpensive) ideas, like make-your-own fondue night, a thrift store date (hubby's favorite!) and we've even created a date jar together! The book has given us that "spark" again that we had when we first got married!”

Jackie Houston

happily married for 4 years

“I'm a wedding photographer and I love giving the book away to my new brides!”

Brooke Stevens-Patrick

happily married for 11 years

“This book was so accessible, scannable, and perfect for finding inspiration for going out. I often hesitate to read books that go into a lot of unnecessary detail or that seem like a huge deal. These ideas are simple but not necessarily obvious and I hope we can knock off a lot of these this year, with and without the kids.”

“My husband I love this book! We are always on the hunt for creative things to do together and this lovely little treasure provided us with 175 creative ideas!! A few dates that we've gone on so far are taking a class together (we decided to take a swing dancing class... so much fun!) and a local trolley tour of our own city which we might not have thought to go on if it wasn't for this book! I would recommend it to anyone!”

Hali Hemingway

happily married for 2 years

“Whether just establishing a relationship or celebrating 25 years of marriage, Alida's thoughtfully designed book is an excellent tool for any couple.”

Jennifer Beck

director of marketing WTLW & WOSN TV

For less than the cost of a meal out, grab the book and see if you can accomplish all 175 ultimate dates! 

A Note from the Author 

I remember this one particular date like it was yesterday, we finally had a free night and a babysitter all lined up. 

We left for the restraunt excited to reconnect but even before our food arrived we had ran out of things to talk about and we found ourselves talking about the kids, again

We obviously love our kids, but it did put a damper on the more romantic feeling we were hoping from the night.

Since then, I have compiled a list of epic date ideas to avoid the kid/home talk and instead spark some fun and create lasting memories. 

I'm excited to share 175 of those best ideas with you! 

xoxo, Alida Quittschreiber

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